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Frequently asked questions


What services does HomeKeepr offer?

HomeKeepr provides a concierge experience to people who are moving into a new home. Our Concierge team will help transfer or set-up home media services (such as phone, television, internet, and home security), offer an online moving checklist to keep movers organized, and provide resources to help transfer utilities and research community services. Call +1 855-560-0701 to speak with the Concierge team.

What is included in the concierge call?

Our HomeKeepr Concierge will give you a courtesy call to help you transfer your TV, internet, home security services, find a mover and more. With a single 15 minute phone call, new homebuyers can speak to a friendly and knowledgeable concierge who will educate them on the best home services available, discuss pricing and service options, activate services, schedule installation times, suggest moving companies and other services to bring your new home to life.  Call +1 855-560-0701 to speak with the Concierge team.

What is included in the Community Resources?

Connect to resources to help you transfer utilities (electric, gas, water, garbage), forward mail, explore your new school district, child care needs, nearest hospital, DMV locations, and parks and recreation.

What is the Preferred Partner Community?

We will connect you with local pros for your home improvement, repair services, or maintenance needs. We have partnered with local companies to provide you free quotes based on your needs.

What is the cost of HomeKeepr?

HomeKeepr is free of charge. Ask your Real Estate Professional on how to get signed up.

How can HomeKeepr afford to provide this service for free?

HomeKeepr has agreements with local and national respected home service providers who pay us a fee to market and sell their services for them. Under this model, consumers pay nothing for the services provided by HomeKeepr. The cost is free, and the convenience is priceless.