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Relocator Privacy Policy

Version 1.1 | Last Updated November 6, 2017

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to the Website, owned and operated by Preferred Partner Community, LLC d/b/a Relocator (“Relocator”, “We”, “Our”, “Us”) and is a part of Our overall Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”). Capitalized terms which are not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in Our Terms of Service. 


Relocator respects the privacy of its Users and visitors and We are committed to maintaining the privacy of their personal information. This privacy policy describes how We may collect and use personal information, you provide on the Website. It also describes the rights and choices available to you regarding Our use of your personal information.


We strongly urge you read this policy and make sure you fully understand and agree with it, before you access or use any of Our services. If you do not read, fully understand and agree to this Privacy Policy, you mUst immediately leave this Website, application or service, and avoid or discontinue all use of any of the Services.  Please read this Privacy Policy along with Our Terms of Service for a complete explanation of your rights and obligations in Using Our Services. By Using Relocator, you are agreeing to these terms.


This Privacy Policy describes how We may collect and use information pertaining to Our registered Users and Professionals (each, a “Visitor” or “User” (respectively), or “you”), in connection with their access to and use of Relocator’s Websites and mobile apps, mobile-optimized Websites and other applications and/or electronic media (such as emails Relocator sends), linking to or bearing this Privacy Policy and operated by or on behalf of Relocator  (including or and any of their subdomains and all Websites and and URL's controlled or operated by Us, (collectively the “Websites” and each, a “Website”) and the services available at the Websites (the “Service(s)”). “Professional(s)”  means individuals, companies and other organizations or persons acting as real estate professionals or otherwise engaged in a bUsiness relevant to the Websites, including, without limitation, realtors, title insurers, agents, providers of moving-related services, products or information, homebuilders, lenders, brokers, real estate professionals, re-modelers, seniors-related hoUsing, product or service providers, home service professionals and other service professionals.

Relocator takes your privacy seriously and is committed to implementing policies and procedures designed to provide for privacy and security and deliver the best possible online experience. We will not sell, lease, or exchange your personal data to, or otherwise share your personal data with, third parties in ways other than described in this Privacy Policy.  To that end, We want you to understand what kinds of information We gather about you, how this information, particularly Personal Information (defined below), is Used and safeguarded, and how you can control its use. This Privacy Policy only addresses activities from Our servers. This Privacy Policy constitutes a binding and enforceable legal contract betWeen Relocator and you. Please read it carefully.


You may use the Services only if you fully agree to this Privacy Policy, and by accessing or Using any of the Services, you signify and affirm your informed consent to this Privacy Policy, including to the collection and processing of your Personal Information as defined and explained below.


You are not obligated by law to provide Us with any information. You hereby acknowledge, warrant and agree that any information you do provide Us is provided of your own free will and consent, for the purposes and Uses described herein.


Information Provided By You.

Information collected from you will vary, depending on how you access, visit, use or otherwise take advantage of the Websites and what information you may choose to provide to Us (whether through email or otherwise). It may be possible to browse varioUs sections of the Websites without submitting any Personal Information. “Personal Information” means individually identifiable information about you that We collect online or otherwise through the Websites, including, but not limited to, your full name, a User name and password, email address, phone number, physical address or, for certain products or services, your credit card information.. Information in a form that is aggregated with other information, anonymized or otherwise processed so as not to be reasonably identifiable with you, and information in a form that otherwise is detached, combined, organized, segmented, modified or processed so as not to be reasonably capable of being associated with you, will not be considered Personal Information, and will not be restricted by this Privacy Policy as to use, sharing or otherwise. If you access, visit, use or otherwise take advantage of certain of Our products and/or Services, or certain of Our tools, Websites or Website functionality, We may receive or you may be asked to provide Personal Information. Whenever We ask for Personal Information, We strive to provide a link to this Privacy Policy to help you understand how Personal Information will be Used before you decide whether to disclose it. You can choose not to provide Us with Personal Information, but then you may not be able to fully take advantage of certain features of Our Websites and We may not be able to provide you with certain requested information, products and/or Services.


Automatic Collection of Information.

Like many Websites or media on, or Using, the Internet, We automatically track certain information about you as you access, visit, use or otherwise take advantage of Our Websites; this is for varioUs reasons, including to help Us (i) better understand, offer, operate, improve and modify the Websites, (ii) better understand how the Websites are Used and experienced and (iii) enhance, or better understand how We can enhance, your or others’ overall experience on one or more of the Websites, including providing advertising and other information that is relevant to you. This tracked or automatically gathered information may include, among other things, your computer’s (as Used in this Privacy Policy, meaning a computer, tablet, smartphone or other relevant device) IP address (Internet Protocol address), identification number or location, the URLs and Website pages you’ve visited, sections of or content on Website pages on which you click or in which you are interested, the number of times you visit each Website page, what downloads and/or search queries you have made, when emails are opened or links are clicked, how long you spent on particular sections of each Website and on each Website generally, and information about your computer, browser or operating system type. This automatically gathered data includes information provided through the use of “cookies” (which is described in more detail below) and other technology or methods and may also include information gathered in connection with your use of third-party Websites and media (for example, through the use of “Web beacons,” “clear GIFs” or “pixels”). Although not restricted by this Privacy Policy, We may also gather and use information, generated Our self or obtained from others, derived from or based on information you have provided or that is obtained by way of the collection means referred to in this Privacy Policy (e.g., automatically).


Information from Cookies.

Cookies are small files that We or others send to and store on or with your computer so that your computer, browser, mobile app or other application can be recognized as unique the next time you access, visit, use or otherwise take advantage of the Websites or other media. Cookies may also reflect demographic data pertaining to you or other data linked to information you submit. One use or consequence of cookies is to enable you to receive cUstomized ads, alerts, content, services or information. You are always free to decline any cookies We use by adjUsting the settings of your browser, as your browser may permit; hoWever, some products, services or features might not be available or operate properly if cookies are not enabled. Some of Our advertisers and third-party service providers may also utilize their own cookies. You may be able to opt-out of third-party cookies, or learn more, by going to In addition, We, Our service providers and others sometimes use “Web beacons” or “clear GIFs.” These perform statistical and administrative functions, such as ascertaining and measuring Website and page traffic, verifying advertising paths, better understanding User interests and activity, gathering related information (such as information relating to a particular browser, device or IP address) and positioning images, and typically do so without detracting from your online experience. Web beacons and clear GIFs are not necessarily designed to collect Personal Information. In addition, if you have provided your email address, We might use a non-human unreadable form (or “hash”) of your email address to deliver, or facilitate delivery of, relevant advertisements and information to you on or by way of the Websites or on or by way of other Websites or media, including, for example, popular social media sites and features.

Communications with Relocator.

We use third party service providers to assist with managing and administering communications and emails sent to Us through the Website and through some Relocator managed sites. Any Personal Information disclosed through such communications will be governed by such third party vendors’ privacy policies.


Comments and User Content Posted to the Website

If posting Comments or User Content on the Website or User Website, you should be aware that personal information you choose to provide there may be read, collected, or Used by other Users of the Website, as Well as other third parties. We cannot guarantee that other Users have not made copies of or will not use such information outside of the Website. We are not responsible for information you choose to post in on the Website or your User Website.


Social Media

The Website and Services provide Users the opportunity to interact and post content through varioUs social media sites. Your interactions with such tools, and any information you provide in connection with these interactions are publicly viewable outside of the Website or User Website domain. Each social media Website has its own privacy policies, that may be more or less protective than this Policy. If you do not wish for this information to be disclosed, then you should not use these social media services or tools. We are not responsible for information you choose to post on any social media Website or via such social media tools Used in the Service.


The Website also includes social media features, such as the Facebook button, and widgets, such as the “Share This” button or interactive social media programs that run on Our Website. These features may collect your IP address, which page you are visiting on Our Website, and may set a cookie to enable the feature to function properly. Social media features and widgets are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on Our Website. Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policy of the company providing such features.


The use of information about you depends on the context in which it is collected. Therefore, pay special attention to the categories below that relate to the features of the Websites that you wish to utilize.


Personal Information

We may share the Personal Information We collect from you with your consent or under the following circumstances or understandings.


User-Requested Services and Information.

Certain features, products or Services on Our Websites may seek or obtain Personal Information from or about you, which may be Used in the following ways:


For information, features, products and services provided by the Websites, the information you submit is Used by Us to provide Services you’ve requested. We may also share this information with others to fulfill your request or to facilitate your use of the information, features, products or services, or as otherwise outlined in this Privacy Policy. When sharing Personal Information in such a manner, We may also share your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, identification number or location. In addition, We may use and share any registration information that you submit as set forth in the “Registration Information” section below.


We may use other companies and individuals (1) to perform supporting functions for the varioUs tools, functionality, information, products and services offered through Our Websites on Our behalf, (2) to perform or support varioUs tasks or initiatives instrumental to the bUsiness of, or related to operating or improving, the Websites or (3) to assist Us in testing, maintaining or improving the features, content or effectiveness of the Websites or in performing research or development. These service providers may be permitted to receive from Us and use information collected from you but will not be authorized by Us to use Personal Information for any other purpose other than in connection with performing the support functions for Relocator or such other tasks, initiatives or assistance for or expressly permitted by Relocator. For information, features, products and services marketed or offered to you jointly or on a coordinated basis by Us and a third party, Personal Information may be shared with or independently gathered by the third party. In these situations, Relocator will be free to use Personal Information to facilitate such information, features, products and services (or information about them) being made available to you and as otherwise outlined in this Privacy Policy, and you understand the third party may use the information in different ways. Although not always the case, you often can tell when information, features, products or services are marketed or offered jointly or in coordination with a third party becaUse a page or area of the Websites often will be “co-branded” in such cases, will display the third party’s logo and/or name (whether or not along with Our own), will describe or reference the relationship betWeen Relocator and the third party or will be set up so that you can contact or be linked to the third party or its Web Website to initiate, complete or learn more about the transaction. Please be aware that each company We do bUsiness with (including, without limitation, Professionals) has its own policies regarding its use, sharing and protection of information about you and that such policies may differ from those outlined in this Privacy Policy.


User-Initiated Communication. 

From time to time, portions of the Websites may enable you to send email and other types of messages to Us or to third parties and to participate in bulletin boards and discUssion groups. All such emails and messages, and all such postings to bulletin boards and discUssion groups, become Our property once you submit them. Your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address may be included in any email that you send, whether to Us or to third parties. Whenever you choose to initiate these kinds of communication with Us, or anyone else, you may be contacted in return. Also, remember that Our bulletin boards and discUssion groups are open to the public, and, therefore, your postings can be seen by anyone and are not protected by Us or any other entity. Please use your own discretion when deciding whether and what to post and whom to contact. We reserve the right, in Our sole discretion, to edit or delete postings from Our bulletin boards and discUssion groups. This reservation of rights shall not under any circumstances obligate Us to conduct such edits or deletions, nor shall it caUse Us to be liable for any such edits or deletions.


Direct Mail Partners.

From time to time, We may share your Personal Information with selected providers of products and services that may be related to Services requested by you, or that We deem may be of interest to you.  Please use your own discretion when deciding whom to contact.


Leads and Referrals.

If you participate in or inquire about any lead, referral or similar service We may offer:



We may use the information you submit, as Well as other data We might have or obtain ourselves or from other sources (for example, based on or related to such information), to determine which of Our participating Professional(s) may be willing, able and/or compatible to serve your needs or possible interests and to assist them or others in doing so. We may forward or share information relating to you, which may include such information as Well as Personal Information obtained through Our sign-up form or otherwise, to certain Professional(s), which may sometimes include multiple Professionals (such as in cases where a given Professional has a marketing or bUsiness relationship with one or more other Professionals and designates them to receive such information, or in cases where the nature of a product, service or feature offered on or through a Website is designed to involve participation by multiple Professionals). Those Professionals or their affiliates, contractors, advertisers, agents or other designees may use such information and contact you regarding your needs or possible interests, as may We ourselves.


The following paragraph applies only to Professionals; others may not infer any commitments or assurances from such following paragraph.



This paragraph applies only to Professionals, but does not apply to a Professional to the extent modified in a separate written agreement signed by an authorized officer of Relocator, which agreements may be entered into by Relocator in its sole discretion and without notice to others. Professionals might receive information from, or originating from, consumers seeking the Professional’s products or services or related information. These information submissions or related inquiries or leads might include, without limitation, Personal Information. BecaUse protecting personal privacy is important, We require that Professionals treat data received from Relocator consumers as if it was still on the Websites and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Professionals may use the information sent to the Professionals via Our Websites only for the purposes of providing the consumer products and/or services about which the consumer inquired or such purpose(s), if any, specified by Us in connection with such information being made available to you. We require that Professionals not make any other use of any such data and that Professionals otherwise not share or transmit this information with or to any third party without the consumer’s consent.


Protection of Rights.

We will release Personal Information or other information We collect from you if We believe that such action is appropriate to: (1) comply with legal process; (2) enforce the Terms of use agreement for the applicable Website; (3) identify, contact or bring legal action against persons or entities who are or We believe have caused or might cause injury to Us or a third party, (4) defend or respond to claims brought or threatened against Relocator, its employees, directors, suppliers or service providers, Website users or others or (5) otherwise protect or assert the rights, property, interests or personal safety of Relocator, its employees, directors, suppliers or service providers, Website users or others. Any such release decisions may be made by Us in Our sole discretion.


Asset Transfers.

We continue to develop Our business and in doing so might choose to buy or sell, or expand or otherwise restructure (e.g., by way of joint ventures) with respect to, businesses or assets. Personal Information and other information We collect from you is generally one of the assets acquired, transferred otherwise shared or affected in connection with such transactions.


Registration Information.

The Personal Information you provide when you become a registered user or customer of one of the Websites is used primarily to help Us customize or enhance your or others’ online experience, increase the convenience of accessing new or existing tools, products and services, and, if applicable, provide the information, features, products and/or services you purchase or request. This Personal Information may also be shared among the Websites to make use of the Websites more convenient by, for example, limiting the number of times you have to register with Us. Your email address serves as a unique identifier in Our record system, and together with your password is designed to help Us prevent unauthorized access to information you choose to store on the Websites. The data you give Us about your personal preferences and demographics (e.g., your age, ZIP code, occupation or the like), as well as other information We might have or obtain ourselves or from other sources (for example, based on or related to such data), may be used to help Us offer content, advertisements, products, and services that We believe will be of interest to you. In addition, We may share this information, in aggregate or other protected form (see “Information You Give Us,” above) or under confidentiality terms, with Our current and potential advertisers and service providers so that they, or We, can present and deliver advertisements more effectively. If you forget your password for any registered area of the Websites, We have an automated password recovery system, which can be accessed by clicking on the “Forgot Password?” link on the sign-in page.



Unless you specify that you would prefer not to hear from Us, We may use the email address and other information (including Personal Information) you provide at the time of registration to contact you for promotional or other purposes. You may have promotional email communications terminated at any time by opting out through your member profile on the applicable Website, or by clicking on any “unsubscribe” link contained in a promotional email. Please be aware that opting out on one of Our Websites, does not opt you out from any of Our other Websites unless that option is specifically provided. If you would like to request to opt out with respect to all of the Websites please email with your requests.

The following paragraph applies only to Professionals; others may not infer any commitments or assurances from such following paragraph.



This paragraph applies only to Professionals, but does not apply to a Professional to the extent modified in a separate written agreement signed by an authorized officer of Relocator, which agreements may be entered into by Relocator in its sole discretion and without notice to others. We may offer a newsletter, electronic flyer or similar material to keep Professionals abreast of the products and services on the Websites or other professional products and services. Information such as a Professional’s license number or personal financial information will not be shared with third parties except to complete a transaction or as outlined in this Privacy Policy. Additionally, information provided by Professionals for the purposes of offering the Professional’s products and services to others via one or more of the Websites will be shared with others, including consumers accessing or using one or more of the Websites. To the extent such information is necessary to offer such products and services it typically will be posted on the applicable Website(s). This may include, without limitation, the Professional’s full name, email address, license number, state of license, address, phone number, graphic images and any other data intended to help consumers identify or contact the Professional or related to the Professional’s products or services.


Special Messaging Consent.

By submitting a request or inquiry about (or a request or inquiry for information about), or a request or authorization to be contacted about, real estate-, moving-, neighborhood-, mortgage-, credit-, care- or home-related products, services, offerings, procedures, details or matters you are providing to Relocator’s associated advertisers, lead customers (e.g., lead or referral service customers), subscribers and Professionals (each, a “Provider”), and to Relocator, your consent to be contacted for marketing, informational and related purposes in connection with such request, authorization or inquiry by one or more Providers and by Relocator by telephone device (including, but not limited to, being contacted on a recorded line and potentially by use of automated dialing systems and artificial or prerecorded voice messaging), email, sms/text message, mail or otherwise, based on the phone number, email address and/or other data you have provided. This consent applies even if your phone number, email address or other data is on a corporate, federal, State, local or other do-not-contact type of list or directory (such as the U.S. National Do Not Call Registry). You are not required to consent to receiving autodialer calls, or to otherwise provide this consent, as a condition of purchasing any products or services from Providers or Relocator. You agree that your submitted request, authorization or inquiry (as described above) acts as your electronic signature for this consent. You acknowledge that for text, SMS, calls and other electronic messages that message and data rates (for example, from your network provider) may apply.


When sharing Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, We may also share your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, identification number or location.


You (whether you are a consumer, a Professional, a Provider or otherwise) consent to Relocator (including any designee of Relocator) contacting you in any manner consistent with information (including Personal Information) you have provided or We otherwise have pertaining to you or consistent with other instructions, requests, inquiries or consents that have been given by you or on your behalf (whether by way of this Privacy Policy or otherwise). If for a particular contact We determine We need consent from you We currently do not have (or are not sure We have), Relocator (including any designee of Relocator) may contact you by any available communication means to seek such consent. 


Relocator is not restricted as to information, including Personal Information, except as described in this Privacy Policy.


Non-Personal Information

Automatically Gathered Information.

Information that is automatically, electronically or otherwise gathered, including through the use of cookies and other technology, may be shared among the Websites. It may also be shared with other third parties, including listing providers, advertisers, service providers and others, so that We may better understand how the Websites are used, to enhance the overall experience on the Websites and otherwise in connection with Our operation of the Websites and conducting related business. But when so shared with third parties, any Personal Information will be included for such purpose(s) only if first put in aggregated, de-identified or other protected form (see “Information You Give Us,” above) or the third party will be contractually or otherwise restricted as to the use of such Personal Information (for example, restricted to use only in connection with the purpose for which it was shared by Relocator).


Children’s Privacy.

Our Websites are general audience websites and media. If you are under the age of 13 you should not register or provide information on Our Websites. We do not collect Personal Information from any person We actually know is a child under the age of 13. If you have knowledge that a child under the age of 13 has submitted Personal Information to Us, please email


Relocator is not restricted as to non-Personal Information except as described in this Privacy Policy.


California Civil Code Section 1798.83 permits users who are California residents and who have provided "personal information" (as that term is defined in Section 1798.83) to request certain information about the disclosure of that information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. If you are a California resident with questions regarding this, or how the Relocator reviews and processes any request from you to amend your personal information, please contact Us in writing at: Preferred Partner Community, LLC, 9001 E Bloomington Freeway, Suite 129, Minneapolis, MN 55420.


You should be aware that the United States and other countries have not harmonized their privacy regulations. Because Relocator and its servers are located in the United States, Relocator has written its Privacy Policy to satisfy United States regulations. By using the Website and Services, you agree to the level of privacy protection set out in Our Privacy Policy.


To view, edit or delete the Personal Information that you submitted on the Websites during registration or during the purchase of a product or service, or that you otherwise submitted as described above:



You retain all rights to your Personal Information and can access it anytime. In addition, Relocator takes reasonable steps to allow you to correct, amend or delete personal information that is shown to be inaccurate or incomplete.  If you wish to access or request Us to make corrections to the Personal Information that you have stored with Us, send Us an email to  We will respond within a reasonable time frame and in accordance with any applicable law.  You may also correct, update or remove certain parts of such Personal Information by yourself, or completely deactivate your account, through the User Website settings.


We will retain your information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you with the Services.

The following paragraph applies only to Professionals; others may not infer any commitments or assurances from such following paragraph.



Professionals may edit Personal Information the Professional has submitted by returning to the area of the Website where the Professional registered and modifying the information there, or by sending Us an email at By contacting Customer Care to make such changes, Professionals expressly authorize Us to access Personal Information and any associated data or accounts for the purposes of completing the Professional’s requested edits, modifications and/or deletions. This paragraph applies only to Professionals, but does not apply to a Professional to the extent modified in a separate written agreement signed by an authorized officer of Relocator, which agreements may be entered into by Relocator in its sole discretion and without notice to others.  Any change you request regarding Personal Information may adversely affect or otherwise change the availability, deliverability or quality for you of information, features, products or services in which you are interested or your experience on or relating to the Websites.


Whenever Personal Information is stored on Our computers (which may be for an indefinite period, or a more limited time based on obsolescence or other factors), that information is protected from unauthorized access or use by way of passwords or other industry-acknowledged means. In addition, servers of ours that store this information are located behind a firewall. Since your financial information and certain other Personal Information (i.e., your social security number) is especially sensitive, We take special care to keep it secure. We will only electronically transmit or ask for this information over secure Internet connections using precautions such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption (an accepted standard for online security), security keys and password authentication from any third parties receiving this information. Finally, to the extent that We may ask for and will store for a period of time Personal Information consisting of your social security number, credit card number or financial information, this information will be stored using precautions such as secure designated servers where access is limited to individuals in departments charged with using such information only in connection with processing your orders and/or payment for products and services purchased; provided, however, that those orders and/or payments processed by Our business partners, marketing allies and/or service providers that provide or participate in providing the service or product requested or participate in the payment process may store such information on their servers which are governed by such third party’s privacy policy and security procedures.


Of course, We appreciate your help in safeguarding the integrity of your own and others’ privacy. We hope you’ll use common sense whenever you disclose Personal Information over the Internet. Just as importantly, We encourage you to let Us know immediately if you suspect that Personal Information you share with Us is being used in any way contrary to this Privacy Policy. Unfortunately, no method of transmission over the internet, or method of electronic storage is completely secure.  Therefore, We cannot, and do not, guarantee the absolute security of your Personal Information, and your transmission of data an provision of Personal Information is done so at your own risk. To contact Us, please send an email to:


Be aware that Our Websites link to other websites and media that may collect Personal Information. This Privacy Policy applies only to the Websites, and We are not responsible for the privacy practices, nor the content, associated with any linked websites. You should refer to the privacy policies and statements of other websites or contact the respective webmasters of those websites to obtain information regarding their information collection, security, use and disclosure policies.


Sometimes ads might appear on the Websites that are delivered to you based on OBA methods. (Please see the definition of “OBA” below.) If such ads are displayed to you, the purpose typically is to deliver ads to you that are expected to be of greater relevance to you (because they tend to relate to topics of interest to you as indicated by such collected data), and thus more helpful to you while potentially being more effective for advertisers as well. Such ad-delivery and data-collection normally is performed by third parties not affiliated with Us. You may be able to opt out of customized ads by visiting the Ads Preferences Manager, the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, and the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”) and its self-regulatory online behavioral advertising principles, and opt out of an NAI member’s behavioral advertising program. With respect to the Websites, We endeavor to comply with OBA-related guidelines known as the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising as published in July, 2009, by a consortium of leading advertising associations including the Council of Better Business Bureaus and others (including the AAAA, ANA, DMA and IAB). Note that when We refer here to “you” or “your” in connection with OBA, this oftentimes means a computer, IP address (Internet protocol address) or other device that presumably you use, or is associated with you, in connection with use of the World Wide Web. Accordingly, by “Online Behavioral Advertising” (or, “OBA”), We mean the collection of data online from a particular computer or device regarding Web viewing behaviors over time and across non-affiliate Web sites (meaning, Web sites other than this Website or other of the Websites) and for the purpose of using such data to predict user preferences or interests to deliver advertising to that computer or device based on the preferences or interests inferred from such Web viewing behaviors. Certain things that are not included as OBA (some of which have been addressed elsewhere in this Privacy Policy) are: collection on one or more of the Websites of viewing behavior on such Website(s) solely for use on or in connection with one or more of the Websites (including the delivery of ads on the Websites); the logging or reporting of ad performance or other ad metrics such as page views or the number and type of advertisements delivered (such reporting may include, for example, reporting by Us to one of Our service providers or customers, or vice versa); the activity itself of causing ads or advertising-related services to be delivered (apart from whether OBA is involved); and Contextual Advertising. By “Contextual Advertising,” We mean the delivery of advertisements based on (i) the content of one or more of a Website’s web pages, (ii) a search query on one of the Websites or (iii) a user’s behavior on one or more of the Websites during the same online session during which the ad is delivered.


This Privacy Policy is effective as of the date first written above (the “Recited Date”) and may be updated and modified from time to time by Us in Our sole discretion. If We choose to update or modify this Privacy Policy, such updated or modified policy shall become effective on the date that is five (5) days after its posting on the applicable Site(s) (the “Modification Effective Date”); this is true even if it were to happen that the Recited Date (as also modified) is a date earlier than the Modification Effective Date, in which case this Privacy Policy, as updated or modified, is effective as of the Modification Effective Date. We encourage you, therefore, to periodically review this Privacy Policy and the Websites in order to keep apprised of Our current privacy practices. If you do not agree to any provision of this Privacy Policy, or any update or modification of it, please do not use the Websites.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact Us at


You may also contact us by mail at: Homekeepr, LLC, 9001 E Bloomington Freeway, Suite 129, Minneapolis, MN 55420.